Tunnel digging as a hobby

med_hobby_digging.jpgModern Mechanix so often puts up cool stories. I need to think more about this tunnel digging idea from the August 1932 issue of Modern Mechanix magazine. I could go for a few extra levels in my house.

ONE of the oddest hobbies in the world is that of Dr. H. G. Dyar, international authority on moths and butterflies of the Smithsonian Institution, who has found health and recreation in digging an amazing series of tunnels beneath his Washington home.

Almost a quarter of a mile of tunnels has been completed, lined with concrete. The deepest passage, illustrated in the accompanying diagram, extends 32 feet down.
Every bit of earth was removed unaided by Dr. Dyar, being carried out in pails. He found the tunnel-digging an appealing form of exercise to relieve the intense strain of his work day, which involved much close work with high-power microscopes.

The catacombs are constructed in three levels, with steps and iron pipe ladders leading between different tiers. The idea first came to Dr. Dyar when he sought to make an underground entrance to his furnace cellar.

I suspect I might have trouble convincing the wife that digging under the house is such a good idea, though.

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