Multiplayer Oblivion alpha released

(via Joystiq)
This is the kind of information you pass along as soon as your hear about it.


While Xbox 360 players will be out of luck, PC Oblivion fanatics can now travel through Cyrodiil together. A computer science major at Charles Sturt University has just released an alpha version of MultiTES4 (“Multiplayer [for] The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion“). The alpha release is very, very minimal right now (two players running around, cognizant of one another but with no synchronization and limited participation options). Not bad for a one-man team, though.

The programmer, known online as the_FERRET, has been working on the project for just over a month (he started May 7th). The next release is promised to include eight-player action with some simple forms of deathmatch and maybe capture the flag — keep an eye out on the official forum for more information. You can download the mod via the official page here.

Must. Play. Mod.

Too bad I only have one system at home capable of playing the game. This would be awesome fun to play with my older son sometime.

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