Debunking gurus, and such

Over at Guruphiliac, they make a entertaining site of sorts, in which they write up their thoughts on various gurus, holders of divine knowledge, and peddlers of whatever. In their own words:

While we understand that gurus are held sacred by many, they are also public figures deserving of scrutiny. Our primary aim is to inject a little humor into what can be an excessively self-righteous enterprise, and to illustrate the primary truth that no matter how divine their devotees believe them to be, gurus poop on the same pot we do.

What does this really amount to? Well, here’s a snippet from one of their posts.

The fundies of Smith Center, Kansas are still whining to whoever will listen about the TMâ„¢ hordes who are about to invade their town. Their main beef is with the Madharishi’s claim that TMâ„¢ is a science, not a religion. Not to worry… only TMâ„¢ folks actually believe such nonsense, anyway.

So yeah – they pick at the claims of “higher-calling”/”higher-plain” types or point out where others are having to deal with these types. The site makes me think of possibly my favorite debunker of all – James Randi. They don’t come across the same way and Randi, but they seem to have a similar goal/chosen mission (but Randi debunks more than just gurus). Another post with a bit more of the attitude I love to see in other peoples’ writings.

Ron Roth was just another average New Ageâ„¢ spiritual teacher until he met up with the Bhagavan Kalki. Flattered to within an inch of his life with a fusillade designed to inflate his spiritual ego, Roth has now proclaimed himself to be an “avatar of divine love” with the backing of those crooks at Oneness University. Change that to an avatard of psychotic grandiosity and you have a pretty good picture of where we feel Ron is coming from.

Heheheh – Avatard. I like that (random off-topic wanderings ahead). I may have to use that for one of my alts in City of Heroes.