Snake rescuer’s blog

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Visit the snake rescue blog to see some really cool photos of, well, rescued snakes. I’m not a snake keeper/collector/lover by any means, but I don’t find them repulsive or scary like most folks do (but I do have enough respect for the danger to know to keep my distance). To a lot of folks, this site will probably not be interesting at all. To me, however, it’s a fascinating read, especially with all the photos on the site.

Prairie_Rattler.jpg06/05/2004 @ 06:13:26 PM MDT
I found this prairie rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis) while 4-wheeling in the Caha del Rio section of the Santa Fe National Forest on the east side of the Rio Grande. It was very determined to not be picked up, struggling so much that I decided then and there that rattlesnakes don’t need to be handled unless absolutely necessary.

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