Dungeons and Dragons online getting solo options?

(via Slashdot games)

It looks like DDO is trying to increase its numbers. Honestly, this one change might be enough to get me to try it. I’m all for teaming when playing online, given the option, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to dedicate to building and staying with a team. This change alone could open up DDO to people like me who don’t mind teaming, but don’t always have the time.

“Turbine has also adjusted the experience requirements for leveling up. The change heavily favors new players, cutting the necessary experience points to get to level two by half. However, the requirements for levels four and up will only be decreased by 10,000 points.”

And with this game not doing well, it’s even fairly affordable to hit EBGames/Gamestop or similar to pick up a copy. Hmmmm.

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