Dry ice in your mouth

I’m on a bit of a retro kick, I suppose. This post at Modern Mechanix highlights a device made so an actor’s breath would show up while filming scenes that were supposed to take place in a cold location. This was done waaaaaay back in 1934, even. Hey, it sounds neat. But I’m just too much of a paranoid freak to actually try it. Why? Well, see how it works:

Motion pictures of winter scenes may be made realistic by a device that makes the actors’ breath visible, just as it would be at low temperatures. The device resembles false teeth. It enables the actors to keep Dry Ice in their mouths without harmful results. The warm breath causes the Dry Ice to give off vapor not unlike that produced by persons breathing in cold weather. The device does not interfere with speech.

I’m kinda funny about not putting dry ice in my mouth. Call me crazy, but that’s just something I don’t do.

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