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I’m not quite sure even how to describe this site, but I’ll try.  There are a number of web sites that track web sites as recommended by surfers like you and me.  You can see the latest hot web topics by watching Digg or or other such aggregation sites.  If you find all those overwhelming to keep up with, though, you might want to just look into monitoring popurls instead.  Popurls aggregates the aggregation sites, basically.  If you can keep up with the headlines and popurls, you’ll have a pretty good view of the most popular, interesting, and/or useful web sites at a given time.  Of course, you’ll also see a lot of crap, but that’s because most of the web is crap.

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You just can’t keep up

(via LifeHacker)
This article at headrush really reflects the problem so many folks experience in the internet age.  There’s too much information, and not enough time to keep up with it. I feel the bite of information overload every time I try to catch up with the techie world.  And nearly every day, I find new sources of information to add to my RSS reading list.

Do you have a stack of books, journals, manuals, articles, API docs, and blog printouts that you think you’ll get to? That you think you need to read? Now, based on past experience, what are the odds you’ll get to all of it? Half of it? Any of it? (except for maybe the Wired magazine)

So you let the stack of “things to read” pile up, then eventually when the pile gets to high you end up tossing half of it–or worse, moving it to a deeper “stuff to read someday stack. We have selective amnesia about what we’ll ever get to, but mainly because most of us keep feeling like we have to keep up! Keep up with what?

You can’t keep up. There is no way. And trying to keep up will probably just make you dumber.You can never be current on everything you think you should be. You can’t simultaneously be current on:

It’s lenghty, but well worth reading.  That is, if you can find the time.  🙂
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