The state of BlahBlahBlahg

Since I’m getting just a few regular visitors a day right now (yes, I check my logs to get an idea of where my traffic comes from), I thought I’d take a few lines to write about the status of the site.  I am consistently seeing over 100 unique hits a day now.  Unfortunately for me, somewhere around half of those are crawlers.  And let’s face it, around 50 unique hits per day isn’t much.  But it makes me feel good to see incoming traffic from, forums where I post, the trackbacks from the stories I link, RSS aggregators, and occasional lucky hits to me from search engines.  I’m getting a few regular visitors, too.  So at least a few people re-visit, which makes me think I’m posting something others find interesting.  This has no meaning to anyone but me, but I thought I’d at least say thanks to the few folks that come back occasionally.