ReadyMade magazine food selections

Following are a few recent food items from the ReadyMade magazine blog. All of these caught my eye for various reasons. Let me just say now that I plan on making the last one with my kids some time (as in, I plan on getting my kids to help me make them, not I plan on using my kids as the ingredients necessary to make them).

  1. Vegan Twinkiesvegan_twinkies.jpg This selection comes to ReadyMade from the Vegan Lunch Box blog. Perfect for all you ingredient conscious twinkie consumers.
  2. DIY Girl Scout cookies – The ReadyMade folks link to a knock-off of the well-known Girl Scout Thin Mints. These are my wife’s favorites. I figure I should make some for her.
  3. Spicy Hot Cinnamon Marshmallowscinnamon_marshmallows.jpg This is the one I need to make for my kids. Of course, since I work nights, my wife might not appreciate me making some on the week-end with the boys and then leaving her to hold the children off the marshmallows during the week. And I am certain they don’t need more sugar in their systems after she gets home from school with them.