LiveScience mini-link dump

Here are a few articles from that caught my eye over the week-end:

  • Sadly, emergency responders are using larger ambulances in some locations. In Las Vegas, one ambulance is now providing an ambulance with extra width and pulleys capable of lifting 1600 pounds. That number may be more than anyone currently needs, but:
  • Crews have called 75 times in the last six months for additional manpower to handle morbidly obese patients, said Chris Piper, a western regional spokesman for Greenwood, Colo.-based AMR. He said the largest patients weighed more than 500 pounds.

    As I’m tipping the scales at roughly 50 pounds above where I should be, I am painfully aware of how overweight we are in America. But 500+ pounds is just tragic.

  • Nano-tech at work for you:
    • iPod Nano by Apple
    • Nitro Hockey Sticks by Montreal Sports Oy
    • Nanowax by Eagle One

    More, plus details of why these are nano-tech items in the full article

  • When cheating is OK in American’s eyes.

    Nearly one in five Americans think cheating on taxes is morally acceptable or is not a moral issue. Some 10 percent are equally ambivalent about cheating on a spouse. In a survey by the Pew Research Center released today, 88 percent of respondents said it was morally wrong to have an affair. Not reporting all income on taxes was called morally wrong by 79 percent of the people.

  • Smart kids brains just develop differently.

    As children grow up, the outer mantle, or cortex, of their brains thicken and thin as new neural connections are being made and then pruned to become more efficient. Using brain scans, researchers have found that the cortices of kids with high IQ scores thickened faster and for a longer period of time than children of average intelligence.

You know, that last one explains a lot about me… 🙂