Game Informer’s top 10 games you’ve never heard of – April 2006

I date this, because plenty of gaming magazines have a top X list of games you’ve never played/heard of.  Beyond Good and Evil was on a number of such lists a few years back.  I’ve heard of some of these games, and even played a few.  But I’ve never heard of some of them.  Game Informer is a great magazine.  Generally, their recommendations are on the mark.  Check these out.

  1. Soldat – A little hard to describe.  A platform-view shooter.  Verrrrry popular.
  2. FAÇADE – Described as “interactive drama” in the magazine.  You guide the interactions between the primary characters and determine the story’s outcome.
  3. Ocular Ink – Play out the story of a detached eyeball armed with a paintbrush.  Bizarre sounding, but it looks really good.
  4. Runescape – A Java-based MMORPG.  You play this in your browser.  This game is closing in on 200,000 players.
  5. Narbacular Drop – An action/puzzle game from Nuclear Monkey Software.  Navigate the main character through a series of increasingly complex 3D levels using unique transport capabilities.  Just check it out.
  6. Cloud – This is described as a calming, dreamlike game with an ecological consciousness.  It’s also described as Zen-like, but I hate to use the term, given how often that’s used.
  7. N – Something like a combination of Lode Runner and Pac Man.  Nagivate levels collection pellets while moving through labyrinthine layouts, switches, and jump pads.
  8. Street Bike Fury – Think Excitebike with guns, no hills, and massive explosions.  How could you possibly pass this up?
  9. Epoch Star – A top-down space shooter (a la asteroids or Star Control) with upgrades and an economics system
  10. Stinkoman 20×6 – An old school, side-scrolling platformer.

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