42 Questions with Flagship Studios on Hellgate

(via Kotaku)

I’ve been watching Hellgate ever since reading about it last year. From some of the folks who did Diablo, it looks to be a really cool game. If you want to read an in-depth interview about the game, hit this 42 Question interview at Hellgate guru. Also, view the original thread from which this interview was put together.

4. Is there any sort of character evolution aside from the base concept of getting ph4t l3wt?

You thinking story-wise? If so, then not really. Players take on the role of character that partakes in a developing storyline, but aside from becoming an ultra powerful champion, that character will not really develop and have a mysterious back story of his or her own.

Ahhh, good. We get to stick to the action side here. I like that. Doesn’t sound like there will be too much story getting in the way. Sometimes, that’s what I want in a game, don’t you?

11. Will there be a hardcore mode?

Yes, there will be. That, at least, I can say.

This is a bleh feature to me, but I know a lot of gamers who like hardcore mode. Die, and that character is gone. I don’t have the time to get that good at the game, though.

Hit the interview and read all the questions – just like the answer to the ultimate question of the universe, there are 42.

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