Gizmonda, a history

(via Joystiq)

I’m just going to steal Joystiq’s write-up. I actually haven’t followed this much more closely than watching the headlines at a few gaming sites and skimming articles at Joystiq and Kotaku, but this flow chart sure helps…


Been trying to follow the Gizmondo Ferrari story but can’t seem to keep the facts straight? Well we don’t personally see how a simple little story about an illegally imported excusive Italian sportscar, a video game exec for handheld has been Gizmondo, the Swedish Uppsala mafia, Homeland Security, a mysterious ammunition clip, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and a transportation service for old people run out of an auto repair shop is the least bit confusing at all, but some of you apparently required some visual aids.

Enter Game Revolution’s fun-for-all-ages flow chart, the piece de resistance of their extensive Gizmondo coverage aptly called “Gizmondo Bizarro.” It’s only a matter of time before they turn this into a made-for-TV movie featuring Eric Roberts as Stefan Ericksson in what will be heralded as “a gripping performance.” They’ll call it Crash and Burn: The Real Life Story of the Gizmondo Saga.