Bang! Howdy

From the folks that did YoHoHo! Puzzle Pirates is the hopefully soon to be detailed Bang! Howdy. From the web site:

Howdy pardner! Thanks fer moseyin’ on over to check out our mighty fine game. We’re still hard at work out on the ranch, but I reckon we can rustle up a bit of info fer a prospective cowhand like yerself.

Have a gander at these here excitin’ features:

  • Multiplayer online tactical strategy game in a 3D Wild West setting, yee haw!
  • Fast-paced hybrid of turn-based and realtime strategy gameplay with a healthy helpin’ of rootin’ tootin’ antics!
  • Dozens of unique units, hundreds of special playfields and over ten wild and crazy gameplay scenarios!Customizable avatars and collectable badges let you show them city folk that you know how to handle yer dogies!
  • Collect and customize Big Shot units that complement your play style whether ya like to take yer sweet time or go in guns ablazin’!

This company seems to be good at deliviring fun gaming in an easy to pick up format. And who wouldn’t love gaming in an old west setting?

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  1. could this be the uber pr0n workstation we have all been wanting?

    But where do we keep the tissues?


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