Futurama pinball machine

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I really need to give up gaming so I have more time to do stuff like this:


future_pinball1.jpgIt all started when I bought a weathered Superman Pinball Machine for the parts. When I gained access to the head I found the boards to be in good shape. I pulled the PCBs to see which ones worked and after a little fiddling and small repairs, they all fired up and the displays worked fine.

So, I had a fully functioning board set with a ravagedfuture_pinball5.jpg cabinet and playfield. I decided to use the boards to make a design station to experiment with possible playfield toys and devices. The playfield is made of 3/4″ Birch Plywood. This meant the height critical components had to be counter-sunk, but I thought the additional rigidity would be a bonus. At this point I had a full length blank playfield with working flippers and slings to play with. I started sorting through the wire harness and decided, in an effort to avoid trouble, an 8-letter title would be in order. By chance one of my favorite shows “Futurama” had just that. I started buying posters, calendars, toys and anything else I thought might integrate well into a pinball machine.

Of course, I realize the irony in the fact that to have time to build cool gaming stuff like this, I’d really have to give up gaming. But I think I’m starting to have more fun maintaining a couple of web sites and writing about gaming that I have actually gaming most days. So I may finally be nearing the point in my life where I’ll do something like stop gaming to start building things.  More and better pics at the builders site.

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