Study reveals unsurprising result

Let’s cut right to Newswise the article:

If women want the best possible service at a clothing store, they had better be looking fashionable and well-groomed before they hit the mall.

A new study found that well-dressed and groomed women received the friendliest and, in some cases, fastest service from salesclerks.

So, women who dress better are more likely to get good service. Am I crazy to think this is an expected result? Much like when my wife and I go to dinner without out kids, we usually get better service than when we go to dinner with the kids.  The unfortunate reality of the world is, better dress does tend to indicate a tendency towards better manners, better verbal communication, better tips (in interactions where tips are necessary), and a generally better experience for consumer and provider.  Sure, there are exceptions, but over time, I suspect that most service people learn to expect a certain behavior from customers based largely on appearance and maybe initial verbal communication.  (via The Consumerist)

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One thought on “Study reveals unsurprising result”

  1. I disagree with your ‘tips’ statement. Long ago, in another life, I was a pizza delivery dude. I found that delivering pizza to the areas in which people obviously made much less money netted me much larger tips—often 2-3 bucks a pop (this is 20+ years ago). I theorized at the time that these blue collar types knew what it was like to work for a living.

    I normally go out, even to nice restaurants in jeans and a t-shirt or at best a polo type shirt. When I sit down at the table my base tip starts at 15% and can quickly go down if the simplest of things are not headed to (like keeping H2O or Ice-Tea glasses full), but can, and often does, go up to 20-25% with just a “little morre” attention than normal.

    In contrast I frequently see Mr. & Mrs. “I have to have the latest” with their $500 Trio and premium brand cloths get up and walk away leaving 5-bucks at the table when I know the meal cost them >$60.00


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