The real reason blogging is hard

As someone who is just getting in to maintaining a web site and trying to keep it active, I completely understand this article. I’ve tried doing web sites in the past, but always ran out of steam within a few weeks. Blahblahblahg is the first I’ve kept going and stayed interested in maintaining for a more extended time period. And reading the linked article does say pretty much what I’m finding true. And I’m not even running a real blog yet – more a link to other sites and comment briefly on them when it interests me site.

Day in and day out, day after day, night after night, you have to keep working. Read, write, comment. Over and over. A lot of the time, it comes natural and it’s fun, but sometimes it doesn’t and it isn’t.

. . .

So What Does It Mean?

It just means that like a lot of things, blogging is hard. It’s hard for all the reasons we’ve talked about over the past few months: because of the gatekeepers, because of the people who whine about the gatekeepers, because someone didn’t answer our email, because somebody else sent us an email, because of the blog networks, in spite of the blog networks, because some of our posts are boring, because the RIAA is suing dead grannies.

But mostly it’s hard because of the grind.

If you have ever thought about running a blog-type web site, read this and see if you are still interested.

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