Interview with VMWare’s Raghu Raghuram

Here is a very cool writeup from an interview with Raghu Raghuram, vice president of datacenter and desktop products for VMWare.  The discussion covers the company’s releasing GSX server and VMWare player as free software, plans for server virtualization management, future software updates, and competing products (We’re mainly looking at you, Xen).

The future looks bright for VMware. On tap for this year are the vendor’s VirtualCenter 2 and ESX Server 3 products. New features will include the long-awaited support for 4 CPUs in a box and up to 16 Gbytes of memory rather than the current 2 CPUs and 4 GBytes per VM. ESX 2.x will add support for IP-based storage, including NAS and iSCSI, in addition to traditional SANs.

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