Versora Progression Desktop

I hadn’t even heard of this application before, but it is supposed to be a tool to help migrate users from Windows to Linux.  If you are interested in how well Versora Progression Desktop works, here is a detailed review of the program and its performance.  I’d post more about it, but the site isn’t responding for me right now, so I’ve only read the first page.  But color me intrigued so far.  Once it’s back, I’ll read the rest of the review.  This could be something handy for me to point others towards in the future.

n a nutshell, Versora Progression Desktop will migrate appearance settings, sounds, input device options, and application settings such as email, web browsers, word processors, and instant messaging. In other words, it covers all the fundamentals of operating system and application migration. If you’d like to learn more, you can visit the Versora website for detailed information.

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