Infinium gets $5 million funding?

In the “How in the world did that happen?” section today, we have news that Infinium, the company claiming to be making the Phantom game console, has secured an additional $5 million in funding to continue developing the system. There have been announcements for years of the soon-to-be released Phantom console. So far, the phantom identifier appears about right. From the article:

However, with a recent financial statement revealing that Infinium Labs still “has recurring losses from inception of $57,570,723, has a working capital deficiency of $10,085,662, a stockholders deficiency of $9,470,271 and has a negative cash flow from operations of $14,888,265 from inception”, and will need to pay significant cash amounts to game licensors and Phantom hardware contractors, the Game Service itself may have to wait a little longer before getting officially under way.

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