Gore on Bush

I’ll be honest and say right up front that I’m just a bit tired of hearing from Al Gore.  However, in this case, I think he says the right thing.  In fact, I don’t think he goes far enough.  Not only should Bush be removed from office for his illegal wiretaps, the insider group of 8 Republicans and Democrats should also be removed from office for not bringing this abuse of executive priviledge to light years ago.

Custom Amiga FPGA build

While I’m sure this won’t be of much interest to either of my readers today, I still think it’s pretty cool.  Over on the forums at amiga.org, someone has written up a bit about his work rebuilding the Amiga custom chipset via FPGA.  I never had an Amiga, but I always appreciated the technology that made them so good for their time.  This is a pretty cool project.

Malware advisor

Interested in keeping up with the latest goings on in the world of bad software?  Make regular visits to the Malware Advisor.  You’ll probably learn more than you ever knew you could about all the bad things some bad people do to get bad software on your computer and make it do bad things.  There are lists of possible ways your machine got infected, likely hints that you are infected, fixes for various infections and links to forums where people talk how to fix the infections the advisor doesn’t yet show how to clean.  Well worth visiting.