The top 5 cheapest – but unhealthy – fast food choices

The Top Five Cheapest–But Least Healthy–Fast Food Choices [Food]

This is one that highlights one of my weaknesses – unhealthy, not so tasty, but still “wants na0!” food. The fatty content of some of these makes them satisfying despite not being so good. I am talking, of course, of the 5 cheapest but least healthy fast food choices (via LifeHacker).

Dollar “value meals” at fast food restaurants may not be such a bargain when you look at the potential health costs.

Many of these low-cost menu items are packed with fat, salt, cholesterol and processed meat, notes The Cancer Project, a nonprofit cancer prevention organization. The group has produced a list of what it says are the five unhealthiest items sold at the nation’s largest fast food chains.

In particular, note that 2nd worst place winner comes from my diet-killing guilty pleasure palace Taco Bell.

In second-worst place, the 89-cent Taco Bell cheesy double beef burrito, with 460 calories , 20 grams of fat and a whopping 1,620 milligrams of sodium.

As this New York Times article points out, this bad eating can cause real health issues (no surprise there, though, right?). Health issues such as diabetes and heart disease are the walk-away loss from eating this way. I know I, for one, am trying very hard to get my eating under control and get rid of the 40 extra pounds I’ve had for a few years. But it’s hard, especially if you are a stress-eater like I am – I get stressed, I eat. But check out the full (short) list and see how much you are hurting yourself.

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