My plea for help

Folks, I’m hoping someone smart can help me out here.  My 8-year-old son has ADHD, pretty much just like I do, only his is much closer to incapacitating.  We’ve cycled through a number of medicines.  He has a problem taking pills, but the liquid ADD medications wear off in just a coupe of hours – we end up on three doses a day, and they don’t last long enough for him to function well to the next dosing time.  We’ve done a patch, but it irritates his skin so badly that he can’t stop itching it.  We’ve used Concerta, which works, but only for 3-4 hours.  We’re on a new medication (forget the name, and can’t grab the bottle right now to check it).  It’s a larger capsule than the Concerta, so he has even more trouble swallowing it.

If we don’t figure some way to get his focus problems under control, he’s going to be kicked out of his current school.  It is a very good school, and his teachers have been great since we’ve been there.  I know the counselor at his current school thinks he’s just not that bright, but I know that isn’t the problem – she wants him evaluated for a learning disability.  I don’t know if it is boredom (which was my problem with school), or if he is setting himself up to fail intentionally because his handwriting isn’t good and he thinks he can deflect from that problem by making it appear to be another problem.  He has an absurdly sharp memory, so anything that gets through to him sticks.  It’s a matter of getting his attention and getting the information into his head.

I need some advice on how to help him take his medication, so we can make it a less stressful event and make sure it happens every day.  I am hoping for some advice as well on how to help him focus better.  I’ve never gotten my ADD under control except through medication, but mine isn’t as severe as his and I can function fairly well even when I’m having troubles focusing.  I don’t know how to help him get better, and I don’t know what information on the web is actually worth consuming.

Please.  Anyone?


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Time to buy those airline tickets, folks

If you’ve ever sat and thought “Where can I get a sex change operation if I don’t have a lot of money?” – it looks like the Brazilians have you in mind.

Brazilian judges have ruled that a sex change is a constitutional right, so the government says it will provide the operation and treatment — gratis.

Unfortunately, some of you won’t qualify. To find out if you can catch a ride on the “I want to play for the other team” ride, hit the full USA Today story and see what the rules and requirements are.

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