Day: July 13, 2007

  • Another shirt I need

    Well, here’s another shirt I want. The story behind it (thanks Bill at DQ), if you don’t know it (via boingboing)

  • Rock Band

    If you like Guitar Hero, you need to at least see what Rock Band has to offer in game and gadget options

  • Bill’s Friday links

    Bill has too many good articles for me to separate on my own – just go see his Friday links

  • More open source software

    Since I’m made periodic posts lately about the stuff I’m working on in the Open Source world (as a consumer of applications, not a producer – my code-fu is too weak), I think it’s safe to add this list of 30 essential free and open source applications to the blahg. A number of the tools […]

  • Build your own CNC

    More Instructables – build your own CNC for home