We signalled for time-out! No fair!

Everyone knows the hand signal for a time-out, right? Make a “T” with your hands and everything comes to a temporary halt. Well, it turns out that some criminals are stupid enough to to think that applies in a polie chase, too.

Philippine police chased down an unfit thief on Tuesday after he ran out of breath and asked his pursuers for a “time out.”

“He was panting and gasping for air when we caught up with him after a 500 meter sprint,” Erwin Buenceso, one of the arresting officers, told local radio station dzBB.

On the plus side (for the stupid criminals), the police did wait for the men to catch their breath before arresting them and recovering the stolen goods. Read the full article for how that all played out.

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The world will end…

If you’ve been planning out the next 53 years of your life, you might want to make a mark on the calendar on when you can stop making plans. The details aren’t exactly clear on which date is the ultimate, final, specific omega date, but according to Newton, the world will end no sooner than 2060. He gets this information from the Bible, so you knows it’s accurate.

His famously analytical mind worked out the laws of gravity and unravelled the motion of the planets.

And when it came to predicting the end of the world, Sir Isaac Newton was just as precise.

He believed the Apocalypse would come in 2060 – exactly 1,260 years after the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire, according to a recently published letter.

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