Bandwidth issues clearing up

Between cutting out two animated GIFs that were each close to 1 Meg and renaming the 32K jpeg of Keira Knightly, I dropped bandwidth today to less than 10% of what it was yesteday.  After realizing that most of my bandwidth was going to a Myspace page as I noted in the post before this one, I created a new copy of the jpeg which was being used which was just text indicating that the image was hosted elsewhere.  If you’d like to see who was stealing most of my bandwidth, check out this MySpace page (for as long as my image stays in place).  If the updated background is gone and you’d like to see what was changed, let me know and I’ll post a screenshot of it.

And thanks for visiting, anyone who saw my update.  I’m sorry to do that, but I’ve had more and more people stealing my bandwidth, which costs me money I don’t have available to spend on web hosting.

Ohhhh, so that’s where my bandwidth went

After more searching, I found out where so much of my bandwidth is going.  Some pigfucker on myspace is hotlinking to an image on my web site for their background on their profile page.  And current access logs are showing over half my web requests for that one file.  So I’ve deleted it.

Now to work on getting a plugin to reduce hotlinking – it’s a problem I’ve let slide, but I’m seeing more and more hits to my site for people stealing my bandwidth, and I’m going to have to pay extra for hosting this month because of it.