Back from time off

Just got back from a week-end at my mother’s doing cleaning and home improvement work for her.  I got the pleasure of finding some tripped breakers in the electrical box outside, 2 dead computers, a dead cable modem, a non-working internet connection once I got a working cable modem (yes, I have multiple cable modems), and poor cable signal to the television.  So I’m not exactly in the best mood now.  I have to spend tomorrow figuring out what, if anything, can be done to get the computers working again.  I think we took a lightning strike that blasted some electronics, but I’m not sure.

On the other hand, I help my mother get some work done around her house, got my wife’s van clean, spent some time with my entire family, and had dinner with a beautiful woman.  She’s a long time friend of mine that I’ve gotten to see little of this past decade, so it was really fun to catch up with what’s going on with her.  That made my week-end good, which made for the return to all the house problems extra frustrating.

Look for some updates tomorrow as I catch up on geeky news, and maybe make a comment or two about Imus (briefly – he’s done worse, why get fired now?).