The greatest mobile phone review?

Catching up on so much recent miscellany brought me to this British journalist reviewing his new mobile (we call them cell phones, by the way). He titles his write-up My new mobile is lumbered with a bewildering array of unnecessary features aimed at idiots, so you know just by the name that I have to read and share it.

The trouble started the afternoon someone from Orange rang me up to say, “Hey, valued customer – do you want a free phone?” At first I wasn’t interested, but he went on and on about how popular and great the Samsung E900 was, then promised me free texts at weekends for life if I said yes. So I gave in.

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Review quotes taken out of context

I’ve been reading the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Magazine tonight, and in a fit of stupidity on my part I’ve decided to post some out-of-context quotes from recent game reviews. I do this because this makes me laugh, while revealing to the world how stupid and immature I can be (like most males, I’d offer).

  1. Also cool: unlockable balls
  2. Straight, thin, and more important, one piece.
  3. …but I don’t go for starlight spewing from a struck ball…
  4. …but become more natural and fluid as you get acclimated to the fast-paced, twitchy action.

These come respectively from reviews for:

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