Day: March 6, 2007

  • Gore and global warming – is he a hypocrite?

    I’ll state right up front here that I’m not even going to answer that question in regards to Gore’s high level of energy consumption. I’ll leave it for others to answer (as some have tried to do, in case you are wondering). Rather, I want to point out that as usual, pretty much everyone up […]

  • Man dies after week of “marathon” gaming

    Folks, if you game a lot (like I sometimes do), make it a point to get up, move away from the computer, and do a little actual physical activity periodically. Look up DVT (Deep Venous Thrombosis) sometime – I recommend Google, but pick your favored search engine. Now, armed with knowledge about how stupid it […]

  • Sure, sure, it’s plenty stupid – but it’s still funny

    I’ll agree – this fellow did something that is stupid and uncalled for. I still laugh to think about it, though. I guess I’m just evil like that. Police say a man sought revenge against his ex-girlfriend by leaving homemade DVDs of her performing sex acts on car windshields throughout the area. The DVDs include […]