Month: December 2006

  • Add bubble text to your videos

    TechCrunch points out new company BubblePLY which allows you to add bubble text to your videos

  • More laser advances

    There isn’t much in the universe cooler than lasers. Pirates with lasers. Ninjas with lasers. Frikkin sharks with frikkin laser beams on their frikkin heads. Undead killer zombies with lasers. And, of course, undead killer pirate ninja zombie sharks with frikkin lasers on their frikkin heads. Given the lack of all of the above (with […]

  • Laughter

    You can’t spell Slaughter without laughter

  • Courtroom funnies

    A few supposedly true humorous courtroom interrogations for your amusement. Q: How old is your son, the one living with you? A: Thirty-eight or thirty-five, I can’t remember which. Q: How long has he lived with you? A: Forty-five years. Q: So the date of conception (of the baby) was August 8th? A: Yes. Q: […]

  • Dubunking moon-landing conspiracy theorists

    Conspiracy theorists seem to believe anything (a trait they seem to share with many liberals, it seems). Here’s a site trying to debunk some moon-landing conspiracy theories.

  • Smartify yourself

    The virtual vault of knowledge that is Wikipedia has as today’s featured article the subject of Redshift. In physics and astronomy, redshift occurs when the visible light from an object is shifted towards the red end of the spectrum. More generally, redshift is defined as an increase in the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation received by […]

  • Top 10 movie trailers

    As of right now, here are the top 10 movie trailers over at the Internet Movie Database. Just in case you want to know what’s coming out in the relatively near future or what others are looking forward to seeing. Top 10 Trailers Pages Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) Spider-Man 3 […]

  • 2006 – The year in political gaffes

    Covering a number of the bigger foul-ups by politicians, ABC news’ coverage of this years political blunders highlights thing such as the unravelling of a Presidential candidate to a former candidate’s poorly made joke to hunting with the VP. Here are just a few highlights. Rebuilding a Metaphor New Orleans Democratic Mayor Ray Nagin, during […]

  • Kill-stealing blues

    City of Heroes video – Kill Stealing blues

  • Ten simple rules

    A cow-orker showed me this 10 rules for dating my daughter article. If I ever have a daughter, I’ll re-visit this.

  • Light exceeds speed of light

    This is old news, but it was new news to me, which makes it news. That whole “If you didn’t know it, it’s news to you” bit applies, I suppose. Anyway – last year, some smarty-pants scientists showed some control over the speed of light in optical fiber. Slowing down light to 1/3 its natural […]

  • I never knew it could mean so much

    This almost falls into my “Useless Knowledge” category, but there is enough good information for me to spare it that designation. While looking up the proper spelling and meaning of “gaffe” I found this entry on Wikipedia on the meaning of “error” instead. Learn the difference between an error in biology, baseball, computer science, statistics […]