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If you happen to get a hefty USB drive (like the 4 Gig drives for <$100 at newegg I listed a couple days back), you should visit Wikipedia dn get a list of portable apps you can put on this stick to run without install on other systems.  Some of these I already use, but some were new to me.  Here are a few

And tons more.  Check out the full list.

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Sony looking for new leader of consumer-hating technology

(via boingboing)

If you are technically skilled, hate people, and want to try creating ways to limit your customers use of your products, then Sony has a job for you.

The New Technology Division is responsible for approving new media and technology, partners, formats, and security methods for distribution of digital content on CD/DVD’s, over the Internet, and mobile networks.

We are seeking a director, focusing on content protection, to join the New Technology Group at Sony BMG Music Entertainment. The candidate will work to provide research, security reviews, and recommendation on new technologies, digital rights management and digital distribution channels for the Global Digital Business Division of Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

. . .

The following areas of technology proficiency are required:

–Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies and standards on various platforms including PCs (e.g. Wintel, Apple, Open Source), Consumer Electronics Devices and Mobile Devices

–Working knowledge of multimedia file formats and compression including Windows Media (WMA), QuickTime (AAC), MPEG Layer-3 (MP3), WAV, AIFF, etc.

–A working understanding of networking architectures and high-speed data transmission

–A working knowledge of Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX operating systems, PDA/Mobile: Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm OS

–Hands-on knowledge of Macromedia (Director, Flash, Dreamweaver), Java, HTML, and XML programming languages is of advantage

And no, I didn’t doctor that last line – the job announcement really say that. So if you are capable of coming up with the next great way to limit your customers’ ability to use your product, apply today. Contact information is available as part of the job announcement.
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Pr0n industry may be the big provider in HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray

This isn’t some amazing insight.  I’ve told plenty of people I think that winner of the next-gen DVD format wars will most likely be heavily influenced by the providers of adult entertainment.  Now, Computerworld has an article making that same claim.  Suddenly, I feel like a genius.  That might be because I am, but one can never be sure of these things.

MAY 02, 2006 (COMPUTERWORLD) – Just as in the 1980s, when the Betamax and VHS video formats were battling it out for supremacy, the pornography industry will likely play a major role in determining which of the two blue-laser DVD formats — Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD — will be the winner in the battle to replace DVDs for high-definition content.

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