Neat DNA folding tricks

Here’s what happens when you learn how to manipulate DNA molecules:

ss_060315_dna_tease.300w.jpgA computer scientist has developed a method to weave stringy DNA molecules into nanometer-scale, two-dimensional patterns ranging from smiley faces to a map of the Americas.

Experts say the “DNA origami” procedure laid out by Paul Rothemund of the California Institute of Technology could be adapted to create nano-computers, new drug delivery systems or even molecular-scale chemical factories.

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Play Shadowbane free forever

(via Blue’s News)

If you’ve ever wanted to try out any of the available MMORPGs, you can play Shadowbane for free.  The cool thing is, the free period no longer runs out.  If you need the client, you can download it from FilePlanet.  I’ve not located the file at other download services yet, but I’ve only checked a couple others.  The link goes to the 25-day trial, but the trial does not run out.  This really is free as long as the game servers stay around.

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