Interesting Links

This is just a page for me to collect links I want to keep track of for later perusal, but don’t necessarily want to commit to my bookmarks on the system I was on when I found the link.


10 Science Experiments – Russian site – Science’s 10 most beautiful experiments

Raph Koster

Get in to DIY home repair – As stated…

Free Games – Some good ones from Wired

Home Theatre PC guide – A nice, long write-up about home-brewed personal video recorders

Cheney cover-up? – I doubt this, given the source. And I certainly don’t want this on the front page because of that. But I do want to look in to this when I have a chance

Corey’s podcasts – I’ve told you people before – I heart Corey Doctorow

Google web page creator – Is Google making their own version of geocities?

Multi-blog wordpress – Just for my own information…

Build your own Lego USB key – Because I’m geeky like this.

Personal DVRs – MediaPortal, GB-PVR, and Trellian

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