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With the holidays approaching, I never know what to suggest to family as gift ideas. Instead of trying to remember cool things I want at a later time, I am going to just throw out a number of suggestions for things I’d like but haven’t worked myself up to purchasing myself. If you feel a burning desire to get me a gift, whether or not you are a family member, here are some ideas for things that I don’t need but would like to have anyway.

That out of the way, feel free to get these gifts to bestow on me. And expect this list to grow…

  • First things first. No one will ever be able to get this for me, but here’s the ultimate Christmas present if you are wondering what the most awesome man alive (which we all know I am) wants, here it is. jessica-alba-elle-03.jpg Now on to the real gift ideas.
  • Thezombie-survival.jpg Zombie Survival guide (Amazon – ~$12 new) – Come on!!! I shouldn’t even have to explain this. After the robots take over the earth, there will be a zombie uprising to wipe out the robots. Since I plan on surviving the robot uprising, I need my study guide to prepare for the zombie uprising that will follow. Expect the robot uprising in the next 20 years. The zombies will come 3-5 years after that.

  • robot_uprising1.jpgHow to Survive a Robot Uprising:Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion (Amazon – ~$10 new) – I told you the robots were going to take over earth. Why would I have to explain the need for this book, then? Really, are you even paying attention? Expect this sometime around when my children enter college.

  • The DC Comics Encyclopedia (Amazon – ~$26) and the Comic Book Encyclopedia (Amazon – ~$31)- I’m a sucker for superheroes and comic books. And these books would be really awesome to share with my children. dc-comic-encyclopedia.jpg superhero-encyclopedia.jpg
  • fm-sincity-lib1.jpgFrank Miller’s Sin City Library 1 (Hardcover) (Amazon – ~$95) and Frank Miller’s Sin City Library 2 (Hardcover) (Amazon – ~$95) – The first Sin City movie was simply awesome. Marv may be my favorite movie character ever. And naturally, I go absolute ga-ga over Jessica Alba. So I’m really looking forward to the second movie in this series. Plus, Frank Miller’s Ronin comic was the first comic I ever saw/read that I would call highly stylized – the look was unique then, and very cool. So pretty much anything Frank Miller is good in my eyes. All that said, this collection of some of his work just calls to me.

  • Watchmen – watchmen.jpgI prefer the hardcover version (Amazon – ~$47) but would be happy with the paperback edition (Amazon – ~$13), too. This was the first Alan Moore graphic novel I’d ever read (Swamp Thing was the first Alan Moore work I’d ever seen, but that’s really different from a graphic novel – and if you’d rather, you can get my all the Swamp Thing graphic novels and I think I’d be just as happy as with the Watchmen graphic novel), way back in my college days. This is great story telling, and the art is done in a style I like.
  • deadlikeme2.jpgDead Like Me Seasons 1 and 2 – deadlikeme1.jpg(DVDs should be under $30 each online) One of the funniest television shows ever, I think. Tells the story of a young woman who gets killed by a toilet seat from a falling Russian space station and her afterlife as a grim reaper. Dark comedy at its finest.
  • A USB powered heating and cooling beverage tray ($20 plus shipping at Computer Geeks) usb-heatncool-tray.gif
  • More as I find/think of it.

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