Presidential debate results – 2008-09-27

Interesting results in the debate last night – at least, according to the New York Post. Turns out John McCain won this first debate:

Two exceptional presidential candidates turned in strong performances. Neither man committed a major gaffe or scored a big hit.

But John McCain bettered Barack Obama.

Additionally, Barrack Obama won the first debate:

But it was not a draw – because the economy is the most important issue right now.

Plus, a great many people watched only the first half of the debate. Unlike a horse race, it is the opening, not the finish, that is the most important.

And I must confess myself a little surprised to find out that the New York Post calls the debate a draw:

I’m not sure last night’s debate changed a single vote. It was a quiet clash of styles, and of world views. Of muted temperaments that often agreed.

No huge mess-ups. No real flare-ups.

And no clear winner.

I know – all different writer’s opinions, and not necessarily a reflection of the paper’s general political opinion (for values of opinion relevant to non-entities such as a newspaper). I just found it funny to see all three as I was looking for online commentary about the election.