MA trying to emulate TX?

Have you heard the saying “Texas! Where men are men and sheep are scarred.” before? Well, looks like a young man in Massachussettsis trying to change the state that gets that claim.

A Sherborn teen was charged this afternoon with allegedly having sex with sheep at a farm near his home, a pattern police suggest may have gone on for nearly a year.

. . .

According to police reports, the incident at the farm in June 2007 was just the latest in at least a dozen break-ins. Prompted by the earlier incidents, the owner of the farm installed surveillance cameras, including one near the sheep pen.

Between 3 and 4 a.m. on June 27, the police report says, “the camera…captured and filmed a light-skinned black male subject identified as Roger Henderson II.

“Henderson is observed in sheep pen grabbing a sheep by its hind legs and dragging it to the corner of the stall. Henderson removes his clothes and appears to have sexual relations with the sheep. Upon finishing, Henderson puts his pants back on and leaves the barn area with his shirt in his hand.”

Really, things like this make me realize I need to add a WTF? category to the blahg.

Oh, and if anyone asks you, I hear it is customary to pet them before leaving. Mr. Henderson didn’t even have the decency to say “Thank you, ma’am.” and scratch her ears.

I do wonder, though, if maybe Roger just misunderstood what folks were saying when they said he was the black sheep of the family? It could have happened.

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Captain America to be buried at Arlington

If you haven’t kept up with comic culture lately, you might not be aware that Captain America was recently assassinated by a sniper. Sad though this is (in the comic world where it all takes place), it seems that Cap will at least get the hero’s burial he deserves for all the work he has done protecting America.

In the drizzling rain at Arlington National Cemetery, thousands of grieving patriots solemnly watch as the pallbearers – Iron Man, the Black Panther, Ben Grimm and Ms. Marvel – carry a casket draped with an American flag.

Yes, folks, Captain America is dead and buried in the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ “Fallen Son,” due on newsstands the morning after Independence Day. After 66 years of battling villains from Adolf Hitler to the Red Skull, the red, white and blue leader of the Avengers was felled by an assassin’s bullet on the steps of a New York federal courthouse.

I’m not so much into comics that I actually am upset that Captain America was killed – he’s just ink with a strong fiction behind it. Still, for this tie-up to the end of his story (maybe), it is pretty cool that they wrote an Arlington cemetary burial in to the end.

Of course, I also know that dead in comics never means dead. Maybe the story is over. Maybe he’ll be back somehow. I have no idea. I just thought it was pretty cool how the writers put this end of story together.

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