Authorize the NSA to spy on you

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Do you feel that the NSA violating the civil rights of Americans under illegal authorization from President Bush isn’t quite enough protection of your rights and privileges as an citizen of the US? If that isn’t enough for you, then you might find yourself interested in filling out this consent form for NSA surveillance (in pdf format).

Executive Order 12333
Consent Agreement
Signals Intelligence Coverage

I _____________ (full name) _________________________ title ________________, hereby consent to the National Security Agency undertaking to seek and disseminate communications to or from or referencing me in foreign communications for the purpose of ___________________.

This consent applies to administrative messages alerting elements of the United States Signals Intelligence System to this consent as well as to any signals intelligence reports which may relate to the purpose stated above.

Except as otherwise provided by Executive Order 12333 procedures, this consent covers only information which relates to the purpose stated above and is effective for the period: _______________.

Signals intelligence reports containing information derived from communication to or from me may only be disseminated to me and to __________________. Signals intelligence reports containing information derived from communication referencing me may only be disseminated to me and to [names of departments and agencies, e.g., DoD. CIA. etc] except as otherwise permitted by procedures under Executive Order 12333.

(UNCLASSIFIED until completed. Classify
completed form based on information added,
but not lower than CONFIDENTIAL.)

Feel free to use this to let your government legally spy on you while we wait for updates to the law so the President is instead just given authorization to ignore the 1978 FISA.

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Online publishers attempting to reduce number of visitors

Why would any web site actively work to drive away visitors? That might not be exactly what the authors say in this Scientific American article about web sites trying to control search engine links into their site, but if you think about it, that’s what is actually happening.

Global publishers, fearing that Web search engines such as Google Inc. are encroaching on their ability to generate revenue, plan to launch an automated system for granting permission on how to use their content.

The article briefly mentions how book publishers have similarly attemted to get Google to stop directing surfers to their site. So what the online content creators and book publishers in question are doing is telling the search engine companies to stop linking to their content, and instead just link to people and companies who don’t mind outside links to what they have to say. By removing themselves from the search engine results output, I’m predicting a huge loss in readership for sites following this line of thought.

Since I don’t ever get enough traffic here, I am putting forward my public wish now to have all search engines link to my site whenever possible. I would prefer to get all surders who would otherwise be directed to one of these sites that doesn’t want visitors or traffic.

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New Tesla statue in Niagara Falls

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tesla-coil-discharge-med.jpgFirst, let me say that there is absolutely no evidence to support the conjecture that if one were to approach and touch this statue, massive balls of lightning would shoot forth from statue to the person approaching. Absolutely no evidence, folks.

That out of the way, what a nice way to honor the man who lit the world – a statue in memory of Nikola Tesla was recently (July 9, 2006) unveiled in Queen Victoria Park, Niagara Falls. Sure, most folks will see it and have no idea who he is, but my readers are smarter than the average bear, I am certain. So next time you visit Niagara Falls (on the .ca side, please, as no equivalent statue yet exists state-side), drop by and say hello to ol’ Nikki.

teslastatue-med.jpgNikola Tesla designed the first hydroelectric power plant at Niagara Falls, New York which started producing electrical power in 1895. This was the beginning of the electrification of the United States and the rest of the world. Today, Tesla’s AC electricity is lighting and powering the globe. Nikola Tesla is the genius who lit the world.

Now, the inventor of alternating current has a permanent tribute overlooking the Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls, Canadian side.

Pictures of the unveiling and a bit of the backstory on Tesla’s importance in Niagara Falls on the Tesla Society’s page about the unveiling.

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