Day: July 28, 2006

  • Man impales fish – fish impales him right back

    CNN has the details on this one.  Apparently, while fishing, a man hooked a blue marlin.  Unhappy with the situation, the feisty little critter attemped ot hook the man in return. HAMILTON, Bermuda (AP) — A fisherman was recovering from surgery after he was speared in the chest and knocked into the Atlantic Ocean by […]

  • Worth1000 – Earth Canvas

    Earth Canvas photochop is a hard one to explain briefly in an article title, so we’ll just rip the contest description from the Worth1000 page. Are we supposed to believe that Italy was ‘accidentally’ shaped like a boot? That Mt. Rushmore just ‘happened’ to contain the faces of four American presidents? Obviously God was feeling […]

  • The Neistat brothers

    Not sure what to say – just check out some of their videos. In particular, the Bike Thieves video led to this TV news story which has it’s funny moment or two. Looks like all the videos are Quicktime format, BTW.

  • New feature – sideblogging

    I’ve been looking for a good way to do short posts that are not much more than a few words and a link – what the blogging world calls asides.  None of the themes I’ve tried over the past few months have handled the previous ‘asides’ tool I was using very gracefully, so I finally […]

  • Anti-RFID techies are here to protect you

    (via Engadget) With the recently announced RFID passports we’ll be getting here in the states soon, some folks are wisely concerned about their electronic safety in a world were RFID signals are easy to pick-up.  Given a desire to protect RFID identities in the coming age where you will not be able to be sans […]

  • Anna Konda – firefighting snake robot

    (via Engadget) When I first read about this earlier in the week, I was going to skip it. It sounds pretty cool, but I wasn’t sure it was Blah-worthy — it just didn’t seem interesting enough to me to make a post about it. But I’ve run into this news item some 6 or 8 […]

  • Stop wi-fi freeloaders

    If you ever want to stop people from freeloading on your wi-fi network, try this out.

  • Kittenwar

    Who will win?

  • Wait, there are people not actively seeking that?

    According to ArsTechnica, the just passed Internet SAFETY (Stop Adults Facilitating the Exploitation of Youth) act includes provisions for prison sentences to people who deceptively link to p0rn. So anyone who links to p0rn and attempts to pass it off as other legitimate web link can be penalized by this new law. So anyone who […]

  • New MAME

    Get version 1.0.7 of MAME for Windows and Linux.

  • Beware the floppy

    This is an old animation, but it still makes me laugh every time I see it. [tags]The floppy, Animated GIF, Aieeeeeee[/tags]