Mariah’s album covers censored in Saudi Arabia?

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Apparently, Maria Carey is a little too revealing in her album covers for the Saudi Arabian government. So, to sell her CDs there, the record companies have had to update her covers to something a bit more conservative. Maybe. This from the Museum of Hoaxes.

carey_arabia_07.jpgImages purporting to show Saudi Arabian versions of Mariah Carey’s album covers have recently appeared on the web. says that “Because of the laws over there her album covers had to be touched up to be made less sexy.” Maybe. It sounds like something that would be done in Saudi Arabia. However, the lack of a clear source for these images makes me suspicious. They could equally well have been created by somebody playing around with photoshop. (And why is there no arabic script on these Saudi Arabian covers?) (And incidentally, I just read that Mariah Carey has 17 Number One singles, tying the number that Elvis had. This is odd because I’m unable to name a single song by her. With 17 #1 songs, I figured I’d know at least one of them.).

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FDA approves implantable contraceptive for women has news of the recent approval by the FDA of implantable contraceptives for women. Beginning in August, the new contraceptive should be available, with a 3-year potency period.

Implantable contraceptives soon will be available again to U.S. women seeking a long-term solution to birth control, with the approval of a matchstick-size rod that can prevent pregnancies for up to three years.

. . .

Implanon provides 99 percent contraceptive protection. It will be the first contraceptive implant to be sold in the United States since 2000, when Wyeth Pharmaceuticals stopped U.S. sales of Norplant.

. . .

The rod is inserted by a doctor under the skin of the upper arm in a quick surgical procedure that requires only a local anesthetic. It must be removed after three years, although it can be taken out at any time before then, according to the company, a unit of Netherlands-based Akzo Nobel NV.

More details in the full article.

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Sex good for men, women should sleep alone

The results of a study have come out that is sure to be a disappoint for men and good news for women.

A new study out of the University of Vienna concludes that men recall their dreams best after sex, while women have the best recollection if they’ve slept alone. The results come in the context of a larger study on sleep, where a subject pool of eight unmarried couples slept 10 nights together and 10 nights apart while scientists observed their rest patterns and tested their cognitive skills

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Beard plans to swim in 2008 Olympics we just featured the amazingly sexy Ms. Amanda Beard as an eye candy highlight, it seems we would have an obligation to report that she is planning on swimming in the 2008 Olympics, according to this Sports Illustrated report. Plus, it gives us an excuse to run another picture of her.

Amanda Beard is aiming for her fourth Olympics. Beard made her debut at 14 at the 1996 Atlanta Games, collecting a total of two gold medals, four silver and one bronze. Now 24, Beard is training for Beijing in 2008.

. . .

Beard is swimming four times a week and cross-training on her mountain bike. She plans to “buckle down” in the fall, resuming her six-hour workouts.

You hear that, all you pansies? She’s going to be working out six hours a day. There’s a chance that’s why she’s so awesome.

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