Day: July 4, 2006

  • How not to remove a tick

    A recent Snopes posting debunks the myth of removing ticks via cotton ball covered with liquid soap (and other invalid methods), So if you now know how not to remove a tick, would you want to know how (and why) you should remove it? First, the spurious email whcih lead to the Snopes posting: A […]

  • Multiplayer Oblivion alpha released

    (via Joystiq) This is the kind of information you pass along as soon as your hear about it. While Xbox 360 players will be out of luck, PC Oblivion fanatics can now travel through Cyrodiil together. A computer science major at Charles Sturt University has just released an alpha version of MultiTES4 (“Multiplayer [for] The […]

  • Joystiq’s top 10 gaming top 10 lists

    Mocking all the recent top 10 gaming lists, Joystiq has posted its top 10 list of top 10 lists.  Here are a few of the list items that I liked. Joystiq’s top 10 hidden gems of this generation Top Ten hugely overrated games The 10 worst in-game quotes So, check out the top 10 list […]

  • Latest PSP firmware “upgrades” now down-gradeable

    (via Engadget) Have you recently upgraded your PSP firmware (or more likely – had a firmware “upgrade” forced upon you by recent PSP software)?  As the folks over at PSP Updates now write, you can now downgrade back to version 1.5 firmware to get your home-brew back on. [tags]PSP, PSP hack, PSP firmware[/tags]

  • Cat bathing as a martial art

    I wish I could remember where I first saw this link. If whoever initially posted it sees it here, please understand I’d attribute it if I could recall where I got it. That said, please go read the hilarious (to me) guide to bathing a cat. Some people say cats never have to be bathed. […]

  • Whoa! Dust art

    This link comes via Bill Harris (at Dubious Quality), who got it from Brian Pilnick.  Head over the and view the awesome dust art done by Scott Wade on the rear window of his Mini Cooper (a car, by the way, which I would love to have for myself).  The images are also available […]

  • North Korea test fires at least 3 long-range missiles

    (via boingboing) This doesn’t sound good. Reports carried on CNN and Reuters today indicate that North Korea has test fired several long range missles this morning. The different reports indicate anywhere from 4 to 10 missiles were test fired. The upside is, the one missile with the range to reach the US failed to launch […]