12″ portable DVD player

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There was a time when I seriously thought I wanted something like this.  (long sentence alert)  That’s a 12″ portable DVD player, which sounds pretty good until yportable_dvd.jpgou consider current pricing on 10″ portables (the price hasn’t been set on the 12″ yet), the size a 12″ player would need to be, and the remarkable affordability of low-end laptops with DVD drives capable of playing all the same content *AND* allowing you to run office applications, browse the web, keep up with e-mail, and more.

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Shockproof portable hard drives

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I’ve been looking for a good, reliable, sturdy, affordable portable storage device for my wife to carry around.  She has some USB memory sticks, bexternal_shock.jpgut more storage is always good, right?  I think Plextor is looking like a worthy contender for a storage provider in this realm.  Check out these shock-proof external hard drives.  Available in 80 and 120 Gig for $169 and $260 respectively.  I’m seriously considering picking up one of the larger capacity drives at that price.

The external PX-SP hard drives, said Plextor, make use of a specially designed silicon jacket bumper that reportedly helps keep the drive from crashing if it is dropped. The storage device, which measures 3.3” x 0.7” x 5.5” and weighs less than eight ounces, supports USB 2.0 for a maximum data transfer rate of 480Mbps. The PX-SP comes bundled with a USB cable, the silicon jacket and a quick start guide.

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Top 10 worst game quotes ever

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The folks over at IGN have put together a list of the 10 worst game quotes ever. Full list follows the break.

  1. “All your base are belong to us.” – Zero Wing
  2. “I am Error.” – Zelda II: The Adventures of Link
  3. “Jill, why don’t you, the master of unlocking, take this lock pick.” – Resident Evil
  4. “You were doomed as soon as you lost the ability to love.” – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  5. “Yo gangsta! Get ready to gang bang!” – Bust-a-Groove
  6. “I feel asleep.” – Metal Gear
  7. “You can’t give it up! Triumph or die!” – Street Fighter Alpha 3
  8. The DK Rap – Donkey Kong 64, Super Smash Bros Melee
  9. “A Winner is You!” – Pro Wrestling
  10. “Shine Get!” – Super Mario Sunshine